SermaGard Coated Bolts

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ASTM F1428 – 92(2005) – Standard Specification for Aluminum Particle-Filled Basecoat/Organic or Inorganic Topcoat, Corrosion Protective Coatings for Fasteners

The ASTM F1428 specification as applied by Sigma Fasteners covers the corrosion-resistant coating system consisting of an inorganic aluminum particle-filled basecoat (SermaGard 1105) and an organic topcoat (SermaGard 1280 or Xylan 1014). The SermaGard basecoat is a water soluble slurry containing aluminum particles, a ceramic oxide pigment dispersed in a liquid binder of chromate/phosphate compounds. The organic topcoat consist of polymer and / or Fluoropolymer resins and pigments. At Sigma Fasteners these coatings are applied by conventional spray methods. The maximum service temperature of the coating system is 450° F (230° C). The coating system has a low susceptibility to inducing hydrogen embrittlement in steel parts of tensile strengths ≥ than 1000 MPa (≈RC31)

This coating system specification can be applied to alloy steels (ASTM A193 Grade B7),  ferritic and austenitic stainless steels (ASTM A193 GradeB8 and Grade B8M).

This coating system is in use in major offshore drilling, chemical and petrochemical facilities in the United States and worldwide.

SermaGard 1105 (ASTM F1428)

Sigma Fasteners is a licensed applicator for SermaGard products. 1105 is a ceramic-metallic sprayed
basecoat that at 1 mil of thickness or more affords 3000-4000 hours of ASTM B117 salt spray resistance,
with an appropriate topcoat. It can be used at high temperatures. It is extremely effective in salt
atmospheres. The SermaGard 1105 process involves curing at high temperatures (Minimum of 750 deg.
F) and subsequent burnishing with appropriate blast media to achieve conductivity. SermaGard 1105
contains aluminum flake.

SermaGard 1280

SermaGard 1280 is a fluorocarbon topcoat, which when applied to SermaGard 1105 basecoat gives
superior corrosion resistance and UV protection.

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